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X:1 T:Leaving Lerwick Harbour C:Willie Hunter S:Matthew McGranaghan D:The Fiddle Music of Donegal, vol 3 N:This air was composed by Willie Hunter to recall the occasion N:of his sister Lorna's sailing out of Lerwick Harbour on the N:beginning of her journey of emigration to New Zealand Z:Juergen Gier <> M:C L:1/8 K:D FE|D3F A3D|{D}B3c d3c/B/|AF3 E3D|E6FE| D3F A3D|{D}B3c d3c/B/|1AF3 E3D|D6:|2A2d2 c3d|d6de|: f3e d3D|{D}B3c d3c/B/|A2f2 e2d2|1e6de| f3e d3D|{D}B3c d3c/B/|AF2D {D}E3D|{C}D4 zAde:|2 e6AG|F3G A3D|{D}B3c d3c/B/|AF2D {D}E3D|D6|]

LEAVING LERWICK HARBOUR. Shetland, Slow Air (4/4 time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BB'. A modern air in the Scottish style composed in 1970 by Lerwick, Shetland, fiddler William "Willie" Hunter [1] (1933-1994), on the occasion of his sister Lorna's emigrating from Shetland to New Zealand. It is considered to be the finest composition of a fiddler who was considered to be the best of his generation, of whom it was said he could move an audience to tears through his sensitive rendering of slow airs.

Willie Hunter and Violet Tulloch

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Recorded sources : - Green Linnet GLCD 1151, Seamus McGuire - "The Wishing Tree" (1995). Greentrax, Willie Hunter - "Leaving Lerwick Harbour" (1995). Fiddler's Bid - "Da Farder Ben Da Welcomer."

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