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X:1 T:Left Handed Tushkar, The C:Ronald Cooper M:C L:1/8 K:A E2|"A"AGAc "E7"BEEE|"A"AEAc "A7"eAce|"D"dcdf "A"eaga|"B7"fB^df "E7"e2E2| "A"AGAc "E7"BEEE|"A"AEAc "A7"eAce|"D"dcdf "E7"efge|"A"a2"D"[F2A2] "A"[E2A2]:| |:cd|"A"eafa eAce|"Bm"df^ef Bfdf|"A"eafa eAce|"B7"fB^df "E7"e2cd| "A"eafa eAce|"Bm"df^ef Bfdf|"Adim"eagf "E7"efge|"A"a2"D"[F2A2] "A"[E2A2]cd| "A"eafa eAce|"Bm"df^ef Bfdf|"A"eafa eAce|"B7"fB^df "E7"e2E2| "A"AGAc "E7"BEEE|"A"AEAc "A7"eAce|"D"dcdf "E7"efge|"A"a2"D"[F2A2] "A"[E2A2]:|

LEFT-HANDED TUSHKAR, THE. Scottish, Reel. Scotland, Shetland. A Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. Composed by fiddler-composer Ronnie Cooper [1] (1934-1982), of Lerwick, Shetland. A tushkar is a square-headed spade, for cutting and stacking peat (see annotation:Tushkar (Da)" for more.

Peat Cutters with tushkars

See also his composition "Miss Susan Cooper."

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