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X: 1 T:Leslie's March [2] S:Playford, 1652, via Glen, Early Scottish Melodies (1900, p. 40) L:1/4 M:3/4 F: K:G g|d3/2B/ A/G/|dDE/F/|G3/2B/ A/B/|G2g|d3/2B/ A/G/|d3/2D/ E/F/| G3/2B/ A/B/|G2||B/c/|d2d|d3/2 e/ d|e/d/ e/g/ a/b/| a3/2g/e|e/f/gg|g2d|aaa|b3|ab/a/ g/e/|gg/f/ e/d/| Bd=f|e2g|d3/2B/ A/G/|d3/2 D/E/F/|G3/2B/ A/B/|G2|]

LESLEYE'S MARCH. AKA - "General Leshley's March (1)," "Leshley's Favourite," "Leslie's March (2)." English, March. The tune appears in London publisher John Playford's (1623-1686) Cithern and Gittern Tutor (1652), Musick's Recreation on the Lyra Viol (1659), Musick's Delight (1666), and An Introduction to the Skill of Musick (1685). A version of the melody ("Leshley's Favourite") was entered into Yorkshire musician Lawrence Leadley's early 19th century music manuscript. There are two unrelated tunes with the name "General Leshley's March", both printed by Playford: the first is cognate with the present "Lesleye's March"/"Leslie's March (2)", while the second is "General Leshley's March (2)" that was printed in Musick's Delight on the Cithren (1666), and which also appears in Northumbrian musician Henry Atkinson's music manuscript.

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Recorded sources : - Laidley Worm Music, Blue Moon Band - "Border Directors" (1998).

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