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LIESEL. AKA and see "Buffalo Nickel (1)," "Cat Ate the Handsaw," "Chinky Pin," "Crooked Stovepipe (2)," "Darling Child," "Eber Atkin's Tune," "Farmer Had a Dog (The)," "Fourth of July," "Grey-Eyed Cat," "Hair in the Butter," "I'm My Momma's Darling Child," "Lead Out," "Love Somebody (2)," "Midnight Serenade (`)," "My Love is but a Lassie Yet (1)/My Love She's but a Lassie Yet (1)," "Old Mose," "Raymondville," "Richmond Blues," "Soapsuds Over the Fence (3)," "Sweet Sixteen," "Ten Nights in a Bar Room," "Yellow Eyed Cat." Old-Time, Breakdown. This was Missouri fiddler Lymon Enloe's name for the tune, named for Boone County fiddler Liesel (or Leesil) Bennett.

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