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X:1 T:Lilting Fisherman, The L:1/8 M:6/8 K:G dBG GBd|gfg ege|dBG GFG|AFD cBc|dBG GBd| gfg ege|dBG FGA|1 AGF G2B:|2 AGF G3|| |:ABA AFA|faf f2 e|dce dcB|AFF F2G| AFA AFA|BGB Bed|cBc ABc|1 dfe dcB:|2 dfe d2B||

LILTING FISHERMAN, THE. AKA and see "Bit of Ginger," "Fisherman (1) (The)," "Fisherman's Lilt (2)," "Joe Derrane's Jig (1)." Irish, Double Jig (6/8 time). G Major ('A' part) & D Major ('B' part). Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB (Mallinson, McNulty): AA'BB' (Tubridy). Perhaps composed by Paddy Killoran (see Annotation:Joe Derrane's Jig (1)), although researcher Jean Duval believes the Irish jig to have derived from French quadrille music. Per his comment below, the following quadrille part from an older French quadrille is similar, though more melodically intricate.

T:Les visites (4e partie de quadrille) 
B:From 1974. Pierre Conté. Danses anciennes de cour et de théâtre en France. 
c/d/|ecA AGA | a3 agf | ecA AGA | ^ABG E2c/d/ |
ecA AGA | a3 def | fec edB | A3 A2G/A/ |
B2B B2B | (g3 g)fe | e^de BAG | BAF F2G/A/ |
B2B Be^d | c^Bc f^ef | BcB Bc^d | (e3 e2)E | 
(=c3 c)BA | A^GA B2E | d^cd fed | d=cB c2e |
e2a a2g | g3fed | cge Bdc | (A3 A2)||

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Printed sources: Jordan (Whistle and Sing), 1975; 37. Mallinson (100 Enduring), 1995; No. 36, p. 15. McNulty (Dance Music of Ireland), 1965; p. 19. Brian Prior (Foinn Seisiún 2), 2001; p. 4. Tubridy (Irish Traditional Music, vol. 1), 1999; p. 34.

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