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X:1 T:Little Black Moustache [1] M:4/4 L:1/8 Z:Transcribed by Bruce Osborne K:D AG|FDFG A2dc|BGBd g2ag|fedf edcA|BcdA BdAG| FDFG A2dc|BGBd g2ag|fedf edce|d2f2 d2:| |:A2|f4 a4-|a2ba ^g2a2|f4 f4-|f2e/fa/ g2f2| e4 B4-|B2ed cABc|d8-|d2A2 F2A2| f4 a4-|a2ba ^g2a2|f4 f4-|f2e/fa/ g2f2| e4 B4-|B2ed cABc|d2cB AGFE|D6:|

LITTLE BLACK MOUSTACHE [1]. French-Canadian, Reel. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The first part is shared with the tunes "Elk's Festival (The)" and "Texas Quickstep (2)," and an untitled Lancer's tune in Bayard (Dance to the Fiddle), 1981; Appendix No. 5, p. 574.

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Messer (Way Down East), 1948; No. 22. Messer (Anthology of Favorite Fiddle Tunes), 1980; No. 42, p. 31.

Recorded sources : - Apex AL 1639, "The Don Messer Quartet Plays Country Music."

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