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LLYDAW (Brittany). AKA and see "Budgeon it is a Delicate Trade (The)," "Miller o' Dee." Welsh, Slow Air (6/8 time). A Minor. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB. Robin Huw Bowen thinks this hymn air originated in Brittany, but was transported to Wales. "Llydaw" (which means "Brittany" in Welsh) is the tune that the song "Miller o' Dee" is usually sung to. There is a lake in Snowdonia, Wales, by the name Llyn Llydaw (Brittany Lake). See also "Annotation:Budgeon it is a Delicate Trade (The)" and "Annotation:Miller o' Dee" for more.

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Recorded sources: Flying Fish FF70610, Robin Huw Bowen - "Telyn Berseiniol fy Ngwlad/Welsh Music on the Welsh Triple Harp" (1996. From the playing of Dafydd and Gwyndaf Roberts {Ar Log}, who had it from Nansi Richards).

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