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X:1 T:Lochleven Side R:Jig B:John Bowie - Collection of Strathspey Reels & Country Dances etc. (c. 1789, p. 20) M:6/8 L:1/8 F: Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K: A V:1 A|[A,3E3A3] TB>AB|c>BA d2f|e>dc TBAB|cA[CE] [C2E2]A| [A,3E3A3] TB>AB|c>BA d2f|e>dc TB>AB|cAA A2:| f/g/|a>gf e>dc|{d}c>de f2 a/f/|e>dc TB>AB|cA[CE] [C2E2]f/g/| a>gf e>dc|{d}c>de f2a/f/|e>dc TB>AB|cAA A2 f/g/| (a/g/).f/.g/.a/.b/ a2g|(f/e/).d/.c/.d/.e/ Tf2 a/f/|e>dc TB>AB|cA[CE] [C2E2]c/B/| A>EA B>AB|c>BA d2f|e>dc TB>AB|cAA A2|| V:2 clef = bass z|A,,3E,2E,|A,2C B,2D|C B,A, E,2E,|A,,2A, A,,2z| A,,3 E,2E,|A,2C B,2D|C>B,A, E,2E,,|A,,C,E, A,,2:| z|zzD C>B,A,|A,,2C, D,2F,|A,2CE2E,|A,2A, A,2z| FED C>B,A,|A,,2C D2D|C2A, E,2E,|A,,C,E, A,,2z| A,,2A, C,2E,|D,F,A, D2D|C,>B,A, E,2E,|A,,2A,, A,,2E/D/| C2A, G,2E,|A,2C B,2D|C>B,A, E,2E,|A,,C,E, A,,2||

LOCHLEVEN SIDE. Scottish, Slow Air (6/8 time). A Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB. The melody appears in Perthshire fiddler-composer Biography:John Bowie's (1759—1815) c. 1789 collection. Loch Leven (Loch Liobhann) is a sea loch located on the west coast of Scotland.

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Printed sources : - Bowie (A Collection of Strathspey Reels and Country Dances, etc.), c. 1789; p. 20. Neil (The Scots Fiddle), 1991; No. 14, p. 19.

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