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X:1 T:Lollipop Man - Ducklington S:OY(AB)3A N:Tune as played for Grand Union Morris M:4/4 L:1/8 Q:120 F: K:G "A" BA | GB D2 D2 DE | G2 G2 G3 A | BA GA BA GA | B2 E2 E2 BA | GB D2 D2 DE | G2 G2 G3 d | edef g2 dc | B2 A2 G3 || "B" A | d2 d2 gfeg | B2 d2 d3 B | AGAB cBAG | A2 E2 E2 BA | GB D2 D2 DE | G2 G2 G3 d | edef g2 dc | B2 A2 G3 ||

LOLLIPOP MAN, THE. English, Morris Dance Tune (4/4 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. A tune for a processional dance from Ducklington (Oxfordshire) morris, with some similities to "Lea Rig (The)/Lea Rigges (The)." The tune is claimed by the team to be traditional to the village of Ducklington, and was employed for the dance when their morris tradition was recreated. This may be true, however, the melody (which may or may not originally have been a dance tune) appears to have been widespread in England in the 19th century, and untitled versions appear in the music manuscript collections of Matthew Betham (Towcett Cumbria, 1815) and Thomas Sands (Lincolnshire, 1810). Compare also with "My Ain Kind Dearie (1)," particularly the first strain.

Rude words sung to the tune are a modern invention by enthusiastic morris dancers.

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Printed sources : - Bacon (A Handbook of Morris Dances), 1974; p. 132.

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