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LONDON PRIDE [1]. AKA and see "Idbury Hill," "Jimmy Garson's March," "Old Medden of Fawsley," "Stourton Wake." English, Morris Dance Tune (2/2 time). G Dorian or G Mixolydian. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The tune, a version of the ancestral "Boyne Water (1)," was collected in two versions from the village of Longborough (Gloucestershire), in England's Cotswolds. Winston Wilkinson, in his article "Virginia Dance Tunes" (Southern Folklore Quarterly, vol. VI, no. 1, p. 6), sees this tune as the source for his Virginia collected "Foggy Dew" (from fiddler James H. "Uncle Jim" Chisholm). Wilkinson also notes it was sometimes called "Shady Grove" by Virginia informants and that a song was collected in Pennsylvania to it called "The Pinery Boy." In Scotland the melody has been used for Child ballad No. 281, "The Keach in the Creel."

Source for notated version: fiddler J. Mason (Stow on the wold) via Cecil Sharpe (1859–1924) [Bacon].

Printed sources: Bacon (Handbook of Morris Dances), 1974; pp. 247 & 248. Sharp & Macilwaine (Morris Dance Tunes, Set 7), No. 6.

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