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X:1 T:Lord Duplin’s Jigg M:6/8 L:1/8 R:Jig B:John Bowie – “Collection of strathspey reels & country dances &c.” B:(Edinburgh, c. 1789, p. 9) F: Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:D V:1 A/B/|d2A TFDF|ABA TFDF|d2A BAF|E2E EFA| D2A TFDF|ABA FGA|BGB AFA|D2D D2:| |:A|d2d ABc|d2d fed|d2d TcBA|B2e e2f| d2d ABc|d2d TcBA|TB2G AFA|D2D D2A| d2d ABc|d2d fed|d2d BAF|E2e e2f| d2A B2G|BAG FGA|BGB FAF|D2D D2|| A/G/|TFDF ABA|TFDF dAG|TFDF BAF|E2E EFA| TFDF ABA|TFDF def|edB AFA|D2D D2:| |:A|d2d Tfef|d2a Tf2e|d2d fed|B2e e2f| |1 d2d Tfef|d2a Tf2e|B2B TcBc |d2d d2:| |2 d2A B2G|BAG FGA|BGB AFA|D2D D2|| V:2 clef = bass z|D,2D, D,2D,|d,2D D,2z|F,2F, G,F,D, |A,2A,, A,,2G,| F,2D, D,2D,|D,2D D,E,F,|G,2G, D,2D,|D,,2D,, D,,2:| |:z|D,2D, F,G,A,|B,2B, A,G,F,|B,2B, A,G,F,|G,2E, A,2z| D,2D, F,G,A,|B,2B, A,G,F,|G,2B, A,2A,,|D,2D, D,2z| D,2D, F,G,A,|B,2B, A,G,F,|G,2B, G,F,D,|A,,2A,, A,,2z| B,2F, G,2B,|G,F,E, D,E,F,|G,2E, A,2A,,|D,2D, D,2|| z| [D,6A,6]-|[D,6A,6]-|[D,3A,3] G,F,D,|A,,2A,, A,,2z| | [D,6A,6]-|[D,6A,6]|F,2G,A,2A,,|D,2D, D,2:| |:z|z2D, D2D|F3 D2 A,|F,,2B, A,G,F,|G,2E, A,2A,,| |1D,2D, D2D|F3D2D,|D,2D, TE,D,E,|F,2F, F,2:| |2 D,2F, G,2B,|G,F,E, D,E,F,|G,2E, A,2A,,|D,2D, D,2||

LORD DUPLIN. AKA - "Lord Duplin's Jigg." Scottish, Jig (6/8 time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABCD. "Lord Duplin's Jigg" was printed in Perthshire fiddler-composer biography:John Bowie's Collection of Strathspey Reels and Country Dances &c. (c. 1789). The title of the tune may refer to Thomas Hay (1710-1787), who became Earl of Kinnoull in 1758, and died at the age of 77 in old Dupplin Castle in Perthshire. See also Bowie's "Duplin Castle."

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Printed sources : - John Bowie (Collection of strathspey reels & country dances &c.), Edinburgh, c. 1789; p. 9. Kerr (Merry Melodies, vol. 3), c. 1880's; No. 244, p. 27.

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