Annotation:Lord George Lennox's March

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X:12 T:Lord George Lennox's March M:C| L:1/16 S:James Ballantine's music manuscript collection (1770, Peeblesshire) F: K:G G3A |\ B4 B3B B4 (3B2c2d2 | TB2A2B2c2 TB4 A2G2 | A2b2g2e2 d2B2A2G2 | A4 A3A A4 G2A2 | B4 B3B B4 (3B2c2d2 | tB2A2B2c2 TB4 A2G2 | A2b2g2e2 d3Bc3A | G4 G3G G4 :| |:(3D2E2F2 |g3ag2f2 Te4 g2f2 | e4 d2c2 TB4 B2c2 | d4 d2e2 dB3 A3G | g4 g2g2 g4 (3g2a2b2 | e4 (3f2g2a2 d4 (3e2f2g2 | B4 g2B2 A4 B2d2 | e3fg2e2 dB3c3A | G4 G3G G4 :|

LORD GEORGE LENNOX'S MARCH. AKA and see "Lord Lennox's March," "Shane O'Neill's March." Scottish, March (cut time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The melody was entered into the music manuscript copybooks of James Ballantine (1770, Peeblesshire) and George Malecot (1779, Whitehaven). See note for the more common title "annotation:Lord Lennox's March" for more.

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