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LOUGHANURE REEL, THE. AKA and see "New Mown Meadows." Irish, Air. Ireland, County Donegal. According to Caoimhin Mac Aoidh (1994) this is one of the few tunes Donegal fiddler Néillidh Boyle recorded for collectors. Before playing the tune he told the story of how a fiddler was strangely inspired to compose the tune. It seems that this fiddler sitting on the side of a graveyard wall in Loughanure when he overheard the keening or lamenting of a man at his recently deceased wife's graveside. This lament had an effect on the fiddler who transformed it into a melody for a reel.

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Recorded sources: Folktrax-170: Neil Boyle - "Fairy Fiddler Of Donegal."

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