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X:1 T:Love in the Village [5] M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Reel B:George P. Knauff - Virginia Reels vol. 1 N:Published in Baltimore by Geo. Willig n.d. (1839) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:D (a/g/f/a/) (g/f/e/g/)|(f/e/d/f/) (e/d/c/B/)|Ac/A/ Ac/A/|A/B/c/d/ ee| a/g/f/a/ g/f/e/g/|f/e/d/f/ e/d/c/B/|A/B/c/d/ e/f/g/e/|f/d/e/c/ dz| (a/_b/a/=f/) (g/a/g/e/)|(=f/g/f/d/) e/d/c/B/|A/A/c/A/ ^G/A/B/A/|c/A/e/A/ d/A/c/A/| g/a/b/a/ f/=g/a/g/|(^e/f/g/f/) =e/d/c/B/|(A/B/c/d/) (e/f/g/e/)|(f/a/e/c/) dz|| (d/e/f/g/) af/a/|df/a/ (g/e/c/e/)|df/d/ af/a/|(b/a/g/f/) ee| d/d/f/d/ af/a/|df/d/ (g/e/c/e/)|(d/e/f/g/) af/a/|(a/g/f/e/) (d/e/f/g/)||

LOVE IN A VILLAGE [5]. Irish, American; Reel (2/4 time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. The melody was printed in George P. Knauff's Virginia Reels, volume I (Baltimore, 1839), although it originally appeared in an eighteenth-century Irish publication [according to musicologist Alan Jabbour--although it has yet to be ascertained]. It was being played in the United States by c. 1800, maintains Jabbour. The first strain of "Joe Smith" in the mid-19th century music manuscript of Long Island, N.Y., musician Isaac Homan is cognate with the first strain of "Love in a Village (5)" (the second strains are different), as is the first strain of the English country dance "Poor Soldier (1) (The)."

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Printed sources : - George P. Knauff (Virginia Reels vol. 1), Baltimore, 1839; No. 11, p. 6.

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