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LOWERY'S QUADRILLE. Old-Time, Quadrille. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABC (Silberberg): AABB'CC (Phillips). Often played slower than a breakdown, although it is sometimes heard played at dances, although modified to fit 48 bars (i.e. AABC, etc.). The source of 'revival' versions is Indiana fiddler John Summers, whom Kerry Blech says had the tune from a western Ohio fiddler. Joel Shimberg (who spend time with and recorded Summers), however, says Summers learned it from his friend Fred Waver, of Upland, Indiana, or perhaps from Fred's father, also a fiddler. "The senior Weaver," says Joel, "learned it from a (local I think) fiddler, who didn't have a name for it, but who was named (Mr. Weaver thought) Lowery." The tune features plucked or pizzicato notes at the end of the 'C' part.

John Summers

Source for notated version: Armin Barnett (Seattle, Washington) [Phillips]; Barry Shultz [Silberberg].

Printed sources: Phillips (Traditional American Fiddle Tunes), vol. 2, 1995; p. 82. Silberberg (Tunes I Learned at Tractor Tavern), 2002; p. 94.

Recorded sources:

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