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LYE SOAP. Old-Time, Breakdown. USA, North Georgia. Recorded in Atlanta in 1930 by guitarist and vocalist John Dilleshaw [1] with his group the Dill Pickles ( Harry Kiker of fiddle, Shorty Lindsey on tenor banjo and Pink Lindsey, banjo). The recording is a breakdown with Dilleshaw's folksy patter.

John Dilleshaw (gtr.), 'Seven Foot Dilly' and His Dill Pickles

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Recorded sources: Document Records, "John Dilleshaw: Complete Recorded Works 1929-1930" (1997). Vocalion 5446 (78 RPM), 1930, Dilly and His Dill Pickles (AKA John Dilleshaw, North Georgia).

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Hear Dillishaw's 1930 recording on youtube [2]

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