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X:1 T:Macdonald's Favorite M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Quick Step B:William Gunn - The Caledonian Repository of Music B:Adapted for the Bagpipes (Glasgow, 1848, p. 81) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:Amix d|c>A AB/c/|d>c B>G|c>A A>g|a>f e>a| c>A AB/c/|d>c BG|A<a e>c|d>B A<A:| GA/B/ g>e|dg BA/G/|Ag a2|ea cB/A/| GA/B/ g>e|dg BA/G/|A<a e>c|d>B A<A| GA/B/ g>e|dg BA/G/|Ag a2|ea cB/A/| ga eg|dg BA/G/|A<a e>c|d>B A<A||

MACDONALD'S FAVORITE. Scottish, March (2/4 time). A Mixolydian. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB. The tune is perhaps associated with John MacDonald (1821-1893) of Tiree, pipe major from 1840-1849 of the 79th (Cameron) Highlanders. While it is not attributed to him in William Gunn's 1848 collection, Gunn does include other compositions that have been linked to MacDonald. See his "79th's Farewell to Gibralter" and "Dornoch Links" for more.

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Printed sources : - William Gunn (The Caledonian Repository of Music Adapted for the Bagpipes), Glasgow, 1848; p. 81.

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