Annotation:Maggie gae back an' tak' up your Scullie

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X:1 T:Maggie gae back an’ tak’ up your Scullie N:”Old” N:Christie was a dancing master, fiddler N:and composer from Cuminestown, Aberdeenshire. M:6/8 L:1/8 R:Air or March Q:"Slowly and distinctly." N:”Communicated by Mr. Jaffrey Senior.” B:Christie - Collection of Strathspeys, Reels, Hornpipes, B:Waltzes &c. (Edinburgh, 1820, p. 23) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:A a|e<cA {G}A>BA|c<BA c<A~a|e<cA {G}A>BA|B<A=G B<G~g| e<cA {G}A>BA|c<B.A c<Ae|=gBg ga/g/f/e/|=g<BG d<Bg:| |:ece aea|e<cA c<ef|ece =ge/f/g/e/|d<B=G d<Bg| Ece aea|e<cA c<ef|=gGg ga/g/f/e|=g<BG d<Bg:| |:Tc>dc d>ed|(B<d)~c d2B|Tc>dc d>ed|d<BG {Bc}d2B| .c{d}(c/B/c) .d{e}(d/c/d)|e>fe {ef}=g2e|(f/4g/4a)f =ga/g/f/e/|=g<BG dBg:| |:ece a.f.g.a.f|e<cA c>Af|ece af/g/a/f/|=g<BG d<Bg| ece af/g/a/f/|e<cA c<Ae|=gBg ga/g/f/e/|=g<BG d<Bg:| |:(c/4d/2<Te)A (c/4d/4<Te)A| (c/4d/4<Te)A (e<d).B| (c/4d/4<Te)A (c/4d/4<Te)A|(B/4d/2<=g).B Td4 (cB)| (c/4d/4<Te).A (c/4d/4<Te).A| (c/4d/4<Te).A ece|=gBg ga/g/f/e/|=g<BG d<Bg:| |:(e<Ta).f =g2 f/e/|a<cA c<eTf|(e<Ta)f T=g2 f/e/|=g<BG dBg| (e<Ta)f =g4 f/e/|a<cA c<e=g|f<d~d e<c~c|d<B=G dBg:|]

MAGGIE GAE BACK AN' TAK' UP YOUR SCULLIE. Scottish, March or Air (6/8 time). A Mixolydian. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBCC (Glen): AABBCCDDEE (Christie). biography:William Christie (1778-1849), a dancing master, fiddler-composer and postmaster from Cuminestown, Aberdeenshire, included this tune in his 1820 collection. Christie indicated the tune was "Old", and said that it was "communicated" to him by "Mr. Jaffrey Senior." Jaffrey gave several old Aberdeenshire dance tunes to Christie, as identified in the collection, including "Punch is Done (The)", another 6/8 tune in Christie's collection, and the march/jig "Gather and Go." The name Jaffray/Jaffrey was a fairly common surname in Cuminestown Parish, Monquhitter, Aberdeenshire, the home of William Christie, and there is a record of a William Jaffray who was a teacher of music there who was a contemporary of Christie. See also Christie's tune "Mr. Jaffrey's (Junr.) Strathspey," composed for Jaffrey's son.

A 'scullie' is a variant of the noun scull, meaning a fisherman's shallow wicker basket; a wickerwork cradle [1].

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Printed sources : - David Glen (David Glen's Collection of Highland Bagpipe Music, Book Two), c. 1878; No. 53, p. 34.William Christie (Collection of Strathspeys, Reels, Hornpipes, Waltzes &c.), Edinburgh, 1820; p. 23.

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