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MAGNOLIA ONE-STEP. American, One-Step (cut time). USA, Mississippi. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABCDD. The tune was recorded by the Nations Brothers in the 78 RPM era. Kerry Blech concludes that Stacy Phillips is mistaken in listing Willie Narmour as the source for the tune, as the title does not appear on Narmour's discography. The only older recording of "Magnolia One-Step" is from the Nations Brothers, and it may be that the tune in Phillips' book is from a miss-labled tape. Even the record label title may be in doubt, as it is perhaps meant to be "Magnolia Two-Step." "Get Up in the Cool" is a related melody.

Brothers Sheldon (fiddle) and Marshall (guitar) Nations [1] were from the Mississippi Piney Woods region. They first recorded for Brunswick records in October, 1935, with blues-tinged sides released on the Vocalion label. They recorded several more times and had a busy schedule playing in the 1920's, but married life and WWII intervened, and, following the war the brothers did not play.

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Recorded sources : - County 529, Nations Brothers - "Nations Brothers. Traditional Fiddle Music of Mississippi, vol. 2" (1975. Various artists). Global Village C-302, Proto Pep Steppers - "New York City's 1st Annual String Band Contest, November 1984." Vocalion 3118 (78 RPM), The Nations Brothers (1935).

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