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X: 1 T: Malcolm Finlay C: Traditional, arranged by Dan Beaton Z: Toby A. Rider <> M: 4/4 L: 1/8 R: Reel O: Scotland B: The Cape Breton Collection F: K: E c | BEGB EB bg | e/2e/2e fe gfec | BEGB EB bg | fefg e/2e/2e :| g |: gebe gb eg | fefe c/2c/2c ce |1 gebe gb eg | fefg e/2e/2e eg :| |2 BEGB EB bg | fegf e/2e/2e |]

MALCOLM FINLAY('S REEL) {"Calum Fhionnlaith" or "Calum Fhionnlaid"}. AKA – "Calum Finlay." AKA and see "Jerry Holland's Reel (2)," "Larry Downs' Reel." Scottish, Canadian; Reel. Canada; Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island. E Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB (Brody, Cranford, Perlman): AABB' (Little). The tune has considerable currency among Cape Breton and P.E.I. fiddlers and has been frequently recorded. Burt Feintuch (2004) notes that it is a great favorite on the island—"Invariably dancers and audiences will indicate their appreciation with shouts and whoops whenever a fiddler switches to it." He is of the opinion that the 'distinctive sound' of a fiddle being played in the key of E major contributes to its popularity.

Additional notes

Source for notated version: - fiddler Brenda Stubbert (b. 1959, Point Aconi, Cape Breton) [Cranford]; Allan MacDonald (b. c. 1950, Bangor, North-East Kings County, Prince Edward Island) [Perlman].

Printed sources : - Brody (Fiddler's Fakebook), 1983; p. 183. Cranford (Brenda Stubbert's Collection of Fiddle Tunes), 1994; No. 64, p. 23. Little (Scottish and Cape Breton Fiddle Music in New Hampshire), 1984; p. 8. MacQuarrie (Cape Breton Collection of Scottish Melodies), 1940; p. 17. Perlman (The Fiddle Music of Prince Edward Island), 1996; p. 109. Ryan's Mammoth Collection, 1883; p. 67.

Recorded sources: -Celestial Entertainment CECS001, Brenda Stubbert (Cape Breton) – "In Jig Time!" (1995). Culburnie Records CUL 102, Alasdair Fraser & Jody Stecher – "The Driven Bow" (1988). Green Linnet GLCD 3127, Sharon Shannon – "The Best of Sharon Shannon: Spellbound" (1999. Appears as last tune of "Bag of Cats" medley). Rounder 7008, "Jerry Holland." Rounder 7004, Joe Cormier – "The Dances Down Home" (1977). Smithsonian Folkways Records, SFW CD 40507, The Beaton Family of Mabou – "Cape Breton Fiddle and Piano Music" (2004).

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