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X:1 T:Mandolin Clog C:Elvy Osborne (North Dakota) M:C Z:V.T. Williams L:1/8 K:C G2|"C"c>GE>G C>GE>G|"G7"F>GD>G F>GD>G|"C"E>-Gc>d e>-cf>e|"D7"d>cB>A"G7"G2((3GAB)| "C"c>GE>G C>GE>G|"G7"F>GD>G F>GD>G|"C"E>-Gc>d "G7"e>-dc>B|"C"c2[c2E2][c2E2]:| |:B>-c|d>BG>B d>Bg>f|"C"e>cG>c e>ca>g|"D7"^f>dA>d f>db>a|"G7"g>a=f>g e>fd>e| "C"c>GE>G C>GE>G|"G7"F>GD>G F>GD>G|"C"E>-Gc>d "G7"e>-dc>B|"C"c2[c2E2][c2E2]:|

MANDOLIN CLOG.AKA and see "Peerless Hornpipe," "Tin Wedding." American, Clog or Hornpipe. USA, North Dakota. C Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. A traditional tune learned by North Dakota fiddler Joe Pancerzewski from his friend Elvy Osborne around 1931. Pancerzewski could not remember the name so gave it this title because he thought the tune would sound good on the mandolin. Osborne (1882-1959), a self-taught but accomplished fiddler born in Illinois, was a barber, and his shop in Minot, N.D., was "a very popular place for the railroad men" during the day; after closing, however, musicians would sometimes gather there.

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Pancersewski (The Pleasures of Home), 1988; p. 4.

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