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X:1 T:Manitou Cassée T:Lucky Trapper's Reel C:Andy DeJarlis M:4/4 R:Reel K:D D2FD EDFD| A,DFD GDFD| E2CE A,ECE| A,CEG FDEC| D2FD EDFD| A,DFD GDFD| [M:6/4] E2ED CDEF GABc| [1 [M:4/4] d3d-dBAF:| [2 [M:4/4] d3d-dcBA|| |: d3d-dcBA| e2ee-efed| cA(3.A.A.A ABAG| FDEG FDFA| d3d-dcBA| e2ee-efed| cAeA fAec| [1 dfec dcBA:| [2 dfec dBAF ||

MANITOU CASSÉE. AKA and see "Lucky Trapper's Reel." Canadian, Reel. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BB'. A composition of Manitoba Metis fiddler Andy DeJarlis, who titled it "Lucky Trapper Reel." The Québécois variant is called "Reel Dejarlis" or "Manitou Cassée," the latter title translating (literally) as "Broken Manitou" or, perhaps "Ailing Manitou." The Manitou was an Algonquin spirit being. The name of the Canadian province of Manitoba, named for Lake Manitoba in the province, derives from the place name manitou-wapow, "strait of the Manitou" in Cree or Ojibwe, referring to The Narrows at the centre of the lake [Wikipedia].

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