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MARCH OF THE 22nd REGIMENT. English, March (cut time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment of Foot was formed in 1689 and designated as the 22nd regiment in 1751. The regiment was sent to Nova Scotia in 1757, and after wintering in New York took part in the siege and capture of Louisburg (Cape Breton) in 1758 and went into garrison there. Next year its grenadiers, with the grenadier companies of certain other regiments, were formed into a provisional battalion entitled the "Grenadiers of Louisburg," and accompanied Wolfe in his enterprise against Quebec. The grenadiers were in the subsequent defense of Quebec, under Murray, and the remaining companies of the regiment arrived from Cape Breton, on the re-opening of the navigation. The regiment took part in the expedition against Montreal and the final conquest of the Canada's in 1760. In 1762 the 22nd was shifted to the West Indies to take part in the capture of Martinique and Havana.

In May 1775 they were posted to Boston from England. and took part in the New York Campaign [1776], Rhode Island [1777-1779] before returning to New York [1780] prior to their 1783 departure to England. In 1793 they took part in the West Indies expeditions.

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Printed sources: Aird (Sixth and Last Volume of Scotch, English, Irish and Foreign Airs), 1803; No. 170, p. 68.

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