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X: 1 T:Marche Duvernay M:6/8 F: K:D |:"D"f2 f f2 f|fed dcB|A2 A A2 A|"D"Add "D#dim"ded|"Em7"c2 c c2 c |[1"A"cfe gba|"D"f2 f f2 f|fAB "A7"cBA:|2"A7"caa age|"D"dAB "A7"cBA|d2 A "D#dim"A2 B:|] |:"Em7"cBA cBA|"A7"cBA GFE|"A7"DFA dFB|A2 A "D#dim"A2 d| "Em7"cBA cBA|"A7"cBA GFE|[1"D"DFA d2 F|A3 "D#dim"d3:|2DAB "A7"cBA:|] %%text Transition -- play this instead of last measure above: |D3 "A7"A3|

MARCHE DUVERNER (Duverner March). AKA - "Marche Duvernay." French-Canadian, March (6/8 time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BB'. Recorded in 1928 by accordion great Alfred Montmarquette [1] (1871-1944), accompanied by Adélard St-Jean on "castagnettes" (as it says on the label), which could be 'bones' of wood.

Alfred Montmarquette

Additional notes

Recorded sources : - Folkways RBF111, Gabriel Labbé & Philippe Bruneau - "Masters of French-Canadian Music, vol. 3" (1980). Old Hat Music OH!02, "The Old Hat Dance Band" (1992). Starr 15477 (78 RPM), Alfred Montmarquette (1928). Transit TRCD-9501, Gabriel Labbé, Benoît Bourque, Mario Loiselle, Sabin Jacques, Richard Forest - "Hommage à Alfred Montmarquette 1871-1944" (1995). Chris Wood & Andy Cutting - "Chris Wood and Andy Cutting."

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Eric Lortie's Identitairs Québécois [2]
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