Annotation:Marche des touristes (La)

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X:1 T:Marche des touristes, La M:4/4 L:1/8 R:March D:Folkways RBF 114, Gabriel Labbé - "Masters of French Canadian D:Music 3" (1980). K:C A cd|:[c2e2] e>e ec ef|g2 g>g zg ag|(e2 e)c d2c2|B2 B>B BGde| [d2f2]f>f fedc|B2 B>B Bc BB(3A/B/A/|G4 A2B2|AAA zA G/G/E cd| e2e2 ecef|g2 g>g gg a(3g/c'/g/|e2 ec d2c2|A>A A>A AAde| f2 f>f fedc|B2B Bc B/B/(3A/B/A/|OG4 A2B2|1 c/c/G/G/ A/G/E/G/ cGcd:| |:c/c/G/G/ A/G/E/G/ c2 cz/c/|:G>G A>B ece>c|GGGA E2E E2|G>G A>B ece>c| G>G GA F>F F2|G2 A2 fd f2|G2 A>B ece>c|1 B>A G2 defg|a2 B>B c>c B/A/G:| |2 a z/f/ B2 cG cd||OG4 A2B2|cc/c/ z/c/c cc/c/ z/c/c|cc/c/ z/c/c cz (e/g/ a)z!fine!||

MARCHE DES TOURISTES, LA (The Tourists' March). French-Canadian, March (whole time). C Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BB'. "Marche des touristes" was originally recorded in 1932 by the "Trio Lacroix," playing piano, mouth organ and xylophone(!).

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Recorded sources : - Folkways RBF 114, Gabriel Labbé - "Masters of French Canadian Music 3" (1980). Victor 263870 (78 RPM), Trio Lacroix (1932).

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