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MASON-DIXON SCHOTTISCHE, THE. AKA and see "California Dance," "California Hornpipe (1)," "Limber Neck Blues," "Nightingale (2) (The)," "Peacock Rag," "Rustic Dance (3)," "Rustic Hornpipe," "Starlight Clog." American, Schottische. USA, southwestern Pa. C Major: D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BB'. The tune is a member of the large "Rustic Dance" tune family, wherein the first strain is the dominant part, sometime attached to different second strains. "Mason-Dixon Schottische" mirrors "Rustic Dance's" two strains closely both harmonically and melodically, with the most differentiation in the second strain melody.

Sources for notated versions: Marion Yoders (fiddler from Greene County, Pa., 1961) and Walter Neal (Armstrong County, Pa., 1948 & 1952) [Bayard].

Printed sources: Bayard (Dance to the Fiddle), 1981; No. 408A-C, pp. 387-388.

Recorded sources:

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