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X: 1 T:Mate's Reel M:C| L:1/8 C:after Rufus Guinchard; C:his "closer" Fiddle Tunes 1989 S:several yr, Scotsbroome's closer; also their 3rd tune for Chorus Jig R:Reel O: O: Newfoundland; possibly a Cape Breton tune before that H:Rufus Guinchard was 89, almost 90 and a cultural hero back home, when H:he was Fiddle faculty in Summer 1989. He was invited back (I think to H:Dance week in Fall) the next year. He was too sick to come and sent H:younger men in his place; he lived long enough for them to come back H:home, and give their report, and to make his 91st birthday. And he H:died. He was said to be active, playing and recording, well into his H:final year. Z:hand transcribed originally by Phil Katz 7/1989; abc's 2/19/2008 K:AMix af |"A"e2 cc eecB| ABcd e2 af|"A"e2 cc eecA|"G"GABc d2 af |! "A"e2 cc eecB| ABcd e2 [c2e2] |"A"ABcd "E"efed|"A"c2 A2 A2  :|! |:fg|"A"a2 a2 c2 a2 |c2 a2 "D"a^gfe|"G"d2 =g2 B2 g2 |B2 g2 "A"edcB |! "A"ABcd edeg|"D"fedf "A"e2 e2 |"A"ABcd "E"efed | "A"c2 A2 A2  :||

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Mate's Reel. From Rufus Guinchard, from whom many Northwest fiddlers learned it at the Port Townsend Fiddle Tunes Festival in 1989. Several Northwest contra dance bands use this tune.

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