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X:669 T:Maytwayashing Waltz C:Reg Bouvette R:waltz M:3/4 L:1/8 K:D A,>B, D>E F>G|"D"A6|A6|"Bm"A6|"D"d>B A>F E>D|"Em"E6|E3F ED|"G"B,6| "A7"A,>B, D>E F>G|"D"A6|A6|"Bm"d6|"D"A4F2|"Em"(3FGFE4|E3F ED|"G"B,6|B,4C2| "Bb"D6|D6|D6|"G"B,4G,2|"Am"A,6|A,6|A,6|"G"G,>B, D>E F>G|"A7"A2F2(3EFE|1"D"D6-|"Fine"D6:| |2"D7"D6|D3A Bc||"G"(3dedB3G|(3ded B3 G|"F#m"(3cdc A3F|(3cdc A3F| "Em"(3BcB G3 E|"A7" (3BcB G3E|"D"F>E F>G A>B|"D7 "A2 B2c2|"G "(3dedB3G| (3ded B3G |"F#m "(3cdc A3F |(3cdc A3F |"E7"B2B3c|d2e2f2|"A7""D.C. al Fine"e4z2|]

MAYTWAYASHING WALTZ. Canadian, Metis. D major. AABA. Written by Manitoba fiddler Reg Bouvette. The Manitoba Historical Society recorded this about fiddler Clifford Maytwayashing (1939-2009)

Born at the Lake Manitoba First Nation on 10 February 1939, son of Patrice Maytwayashing and Emma Desjarlais, he worked as an automotive mechanic at Ashern for many years and eventually owned his own shop at Lake Manitoba Reserve. He then drove a school bus for 31 years. It was as a fiddle player that he came to widespread prominence, having started playing the instrument at the age of 5 years. He won numerous awards and was considered “one of the best old-time fiddlers in Canada.” In the 1970s, he was fiddling champion at the Manitoba Indian Days for eight consecutive years. His 1996 album, Skiffle Fiddle, was named the Best Fiddle CD by the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards. He died suddenly at his home at Lake Manitoba First Nation on 17 August 2009.

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Recorded sources : - Sunshine Records SSBLP 412, Reg Bouvette - "Looking Back" (1975)

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