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X:1 T:McCoy's Waltz C: M:3/4 K:C "C"C2CCC2|E2EEE2|G2GGG2|e2d2c2|"G7"B2d2f2|f2e2d2|"C"c2e2g2|c'2g2e2| C2CCC2|E2EEE2|G2GGG2|e2d2c2|"G7"B2d2f2|f2e2d2|"C"c2cc cc|c4z2:| |:"C"c'6|"F"c'2b2a2|"C"g2c2d2|e6|"G"^fg fg fg|"C"a2g2c2|"G"^fg fg fg|"C"a2g2c2| c'6|"F"c'2b2a2|"C"g2c2d2|e6|"G"d2bb bb|b2a2b2|"C"c'2c'c' c'c'|c'6:|

McCOY'S WALTZ. USA, Western/Pacific. Waltz. C Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. Possibly written by Ed McCoy, a cornet player who with his wife Nellie on piano, played for dances in Grant County, Oregon. He owned a store in John Day in the 1880’s.

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Printed sources : - Williams (Haynes Family Manuscript), 2010 p. 29

Recorded sources : - Voyager 375, Vivian and Phil Williams, Terry Wergeland - "Tunes from the Haynes Family Manuscript" (2011)

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