McCuskers' Delight

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X: 5 T: Ariel T: McCuskers’ Delight M: 4/4 L: 1/8 R: hornpipe F: K: Amaj |: dB |\ AcEA c2 BA | BEGB d2 cB | cAce aecA | Bcdc BAGE | AcEA c2 BA | BEGB d2 cB | ceAc BdGB | A2 A2 A2 :| |: eg |\ aece a2 ga | fdAd f2 ed | cAce aecA | Bcdc BAGE | aece aega | fdAd fAed | c2 Ac B2 GB | A2 a2 A2 :|

The McCusker Brothers Band, pictured on the occasion of a BBC recording session in their mother's house at Kilcreevy, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland. Benignus McCusker (accordion), John McCusker (fiddle) and Vincent McCusker (fiddle).
McCUSKERS' DELIGHT. AKA and see "Ariel Hornpipe," "Ball and Pin." Irish, Hornpipe. A Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The title references the McCusker Brothers Ceili Band, who recorded in the 78 RPM era. However, the tune appears in Ryan's Mammoth Collection (1883) as "Ariel Hornpipe" and as "Ball and Pin". The latter version (and title) was re-worked by bluegrass fiddler Kenny Baker as "Ball and Chain Hornpipe."

Additional notes

Recorded sources : - Avoca 33-AV 138, McCusker Brothers Ceili Band - "Irish Country Dances" (196?). Front Hall FHR-010, Bill Spence and Fennig's All Stars" (1977).

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