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X:1 T:McDermott's Hornpipe [1] M:C| L:1/8 R:Hornpipe K:D fe|dcdA FABA|GFGE CDEF|EFGA B2 B/c/d|e/f/e d/c/B A2 fe| dcdA FABA|GFGE CDEF|EFGA B2 B/c/d|e/f/e d2d2:| |:A2|FAdA FAdA|FAdA GBFA|E~=c3 E~=c3|E~=c3 A/B/c AG| FAdA FAdA|FAdA GBFA|Eeed cABc|d/c/d e/d/c d2:|]

McDERMOTT'S HORNPIPE [1] (Cornphíopa Mhic Dhiarmada). The AKA and see "Dunn's Hornpipe," "Flowers of Antrim (1) (The)," "Marquis of Lorne (1)," "McDanaugh's Clog," "McDonaugh's Clog," "Newry Hornpipe (The)," "Sligo Fancy (The)." Irish, Hornpipe. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB (Phillips): AA'BB'CC'D.

Michael Coleman

This is the second hornpipe in an amalgamated tune (a pairing of "Galway Hornpipe (1) (The)" and "Sligo Fancy (The)") that was recorded by renowned County Sligo fiddler Michael Coleman [1] (1891-1945) on a 78 RPM recording in New York in 1922. The set was named by Coleman after Bunnanadden, County Sligo, fiddler and publican Peter James (P.J.) McDermott (b. 1874), who had a strong influence on Coleman when he was learning to play in Ireland. The provenance is unknown: the first strain is cognate with the Scottish "Marquis of Lorne (1)" printed by James S. Kerr in the 1880's.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - Andy McGann (1928–2004, New York City) [Phillips]; accordion player Paddy O'Brien, 1970 (Dublin, Ireland) [Breathnach]; Montreal fiddler Jean Carignan [Miller & Perron].

Printed sources : - Alewine (Maid that Cut Off the Chicken's Lips), 1987; p. 24. Breathnach (CRÉ 2), 1976; No. 299, p. 153. Miller & Perron (Irish Traditional Fiddle Music), 1977; vol. 3, No. 33. Miller & Perron (Irish Traditional Fiddle Music), 2nd Edition, 2006; p. 118. Phillips (Traditional American Fiddle Tunes, vol. 1), 1989; p. 37.

Recorded sources : - OKEH 4703 (78 RPM), Michael Coleman (1922). Shanachie 29009, "Andy McGann & Paul Brady" (learned from Katherine Brennan). Shaskeen Records OS-360, Andy McGann, Felix Dolan, Joe Burke – "A Tribute to Michael Coleman" (c. 1965).

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