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McDERMOTT'S HORNPIPE [4]. AKA and see "Baldheaded Bachelor (The),"Dan Lowry's," "Galway Hornpipe (1) (The)." D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The tune is better-known today as "Galway Hornpipe (1) (The)." The "McDermott's" title for the tune stems from the pairing of the tune with the hornpipe known as "McDermott's Hornpipe (1)" (also known as "Flowers of Antrim (1) (The)," "Sligo Fancy (The)," "Dunn's Hornpipe," "Newry Hornpipe (The)," and "Marquis of Lorne (1)") on renowned Slip fiddler Michael Coleman's recording entitled "McDermott's Hornpipes."

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