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McKENNA'S DREAM. AKA - "MacKenna's Dream." Irish. Francis O'Neill, in his Irish Folk Music: A Fascinating Hobby (1910, p. 69) notes:

"Farmer Hayes" and "Raking Paudheen Rue" are plainly derived from a common origin. Those airs known in South Munster at least, combined with typical Folk Songs, seem to have been overlooked by Bunting, Petrie, and other collectors. The airs were also known by other names such as "The Bold Undaunted Fox," "Raking Red-haired Pat" and "McKenna's Dream". In his recent work, Old Irish Folk Music and Songs, Dr. Joyce prints a version under the latter name.

P.W. Joyce printed the song "MacKenna's Dream" in his Old Irish Folk Music and Songs (1909, pp. 177-179), set to the air "Captain Rock (3)," which was "otherwise called 'John Doe' and also 'The Grand Conversation' from a song about Napoleon...the air may be compared with two others--'The Green Fields of America' and 'Purty Molly Brallagan'. All are evidently varied froms of the same original." Joyce thought the air to "MacKenna's Dream" was the finest of all the variants. However, Joyce's air is a different one that the one O'Neill refers to in the Munster "McKenna's Dream."

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