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X: 14 T:McQuillen's March % Nottingham Music Database S:Bob McQuillen Nov 74, via PR M:4/4 L:1/4 K:G D|"G"G3"/@<.5D7"A|"G"B3d|"C"g3/2g/2 fe|"G"d3d|"C"g3/2g/2 fe|"G"dB GB|\ "D"Ad "A7"e^c|"D7"dc BA| "G"G3"/@<.5D7"A|"G"B3d|"C"g3/2g/2 fe|"G"d3d|"C"g3/2g/2 fe|"G"dB "C"Gc|\ "G"B2 "D7"A2|"G"G3D|| "G"B3/2c/2 "D7"BA|"G"G2 D2|"C"EG FE|"D7"D3D|"G"B3/2c/2 "D7"BA|"Em"G2 B2|\ "A7"AG FG|"D"A3D| "G"B3/2c/2 "D7"BA|"G"G2 D2|"C"EG "D"FA|"G"G3G|"C"G3/2G/2 "D"FE|\ "G"DG/2B/2 "D7"dc|"G"B2 "D7"A2|"G"G3||

McQUILLEN'S MARCH. New England, March. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). One part. Composed by the prolific New Hampshire contra dance composer and performer Bob McQuillen.

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Printed sources : - McQuillen (Bob's Note Book #1), No. or p. 43.

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