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X:1 T:Me and My Fiddle C:Benny Martin N:As played by Pacific Northwest fiddlers Z:V.T. Williams M:2/4 K:G C2 B,2A,2|:!segno!"G"G,2G,G, B,2B,B,|D2DD G2G2|"C"C2CC E2EE|G2GG c2c2|"G"B3c BAGE| |1D2B,2 C2B,2|"D7"A,4A,3A,|A,2C2 B,2A,2:|2"D7"D2D2 F2A2|"G"G4G3G|"Fine"G2|| K:D |:f2 g2^g2|"D"a3b a2g2|f2e2 d2B2|A3B A2G2|F2E2 D2F2| "A"A3A A2B2|c2A2 B2c2 |1"D"d4d3c|d2:|2"D7"d2z2 =c2z2|B2z2 A2"D.S."z2|]

ME AND MY FIDDLE. American, Reel and Air. A Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). A virtuostic tune composed by bluegrass fiddler Benny Martin [1] (1928-2001), born in Sparta, Tennessee, that became his signature tune (and song--words were also set to it, sung by Martin on his recording). He famously played an eight-string fiddle, and was known as “Big Tiger”, an affectionate name bestowed on him by his friend Hank Williams. Martin still has a reputation as one of the best (many say 'the' best) bluegrass fiddlers.

Benny Martin

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Recorded sources : - Pioneer Records BMI 630 (78 RPM), Benny Martin, Hillous Butrum and The Tennessee Partners (1946).

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