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X:1 T:Memory Waltz N:Transcribed by Frank Maloy, based on the version by Howdy Forrester M:3/4 L:1/8 R:Waltz B:Stephen F. Davis - The Devils Box, vol. 19, No. 2, Summer, 1985 (p. 23) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companon K:G D GB|"G"e2d3D|(c4 c)(B/c/)|B2D3D|A6|G4 FG|B2A2=F2| "C"E4-"E7"E2|"Am"E2z2 ^de|"D7"f2e3B|c4 Bc|d2 {cd}c2D2|A6| c2B2c2|f2f2e2|"Gdim"^c4e2|"G"d3D GB|e2 {de}d3D|(c4 c)(B/c/)| B2D3D|A6 |G4 FG|B2A2=F2|"C"E4-"E7"E2-|"Am"E4z2| "Eb"e2_B2c2|_d6|"G"=d2B2G2|"Eb"_E6|"Am"=E2c3E|"D7"F2B3D| "G"G6-|G2 z2 [GB][Ac]|[B2d2][__B2_d2][e2g2]|[d2b2][d2b2][B2f2]|[B2a2]{ga}[B2g2][G2B2]|[B6d6]| [d2b2][_d2_b2][=d2=b2]|[d2d'2][d3b3][Bd]|"C"[c6e6]-|[c4e4]z2||"D7"[d2f2][d2f2][e2g2]|[f6a6]| "G"[B2g2][B2g2][c2a2]|"E7"[d6b6]|"A7"[^c2a2][c2a2][d2b2]|[e6^c'6]|"D7"[f2d2][f2a2][d2f2]|[F4d4][GB][Ac]| "G"[B2d2][_B2_d2][=B2=d2]|[d2b2][d2b2][d2f2]|[d2a2]{ga}[B2g2][G2B2]|[B6d6]|[d2b2][_d2_b2][=d2=b2]|[d2d'2][d3b3][Bd]| "C"[c4e4]-"E7"[c2e2]|"Amin"[c4e4]z2|"Eb"[G2_B2][G2B2][G2B2]|[_B6_e6]|"G"[G2=B2][G2B2][G2B2]|[B6d6]| "D7"[A2f2][_A2=f2][=A2^f2]|[f2d'2][f2d'2][db][DB]|"G"[B6g6]-|[B2g2]z2 (3A^ce|| |:"A7"g3[GA][G2A2]|[G4A4](3DFA|"D"f3[DA][D2A2]|[D6A6]|"A7"[^c3a3][ca][c2a2]|[^c4a4][A2e2]| "D"[f3a3][fa][f2a2]|[f2a2][d2f2][d2f2]|"A7"(3A^ce g3 [GA]|[G4A4](3DFA|"D"f3[DA][D2A2]|[D6A6]| "A7"{GA}[G2^c2][Gc][G2c2]|[G2^c2][G2B2][G2c2]|1 "D"{A}[F6d6]-|[F2d2]z2(3A^ce:|2{A}[F6d6]-|[F2d2]z2 [GB][A=c]|| "G"[B2d2][_B2_d2][=B2=d2]|[d2b2][d2b2][B2f2]|[B2a2]{ga}[B2g2][G2B2]|[B6d6]|[d2b2][_d2_b2][=d2=b2]| [d2d'2][d3b3][Bd]|"C"[c6e6]-|[c4e4]z2|"Eb"[G2_B2][G2B2][G2B2]|[_B6_e6]|"G"[G2=B2][G2B2][G2B2]| [=B5=d6]|"D7"[A2f2][_A2=f2][=A2^f2]|[f2d'2][f2d'2][d2b2]|"G"{B,D}[B6g6]-|[B3g3]||

MEMORY WALTZ. American, Waltz (3/4 time). G Major ('A' and 'B' parts) & D Major ('C' part). Standard tuning (fiddle). ABCC'. Composed by fiddler Howard 'Big Howdy' Forrester [1] (1922-1987), longtime fiddler with Roy Acuff and the Smoky Mountain Boys. Forrester was originally from Hickman County, Tennessee. He joined Bill Monroe's "Bluegrass Boys" before World War II and stayed with the group until he was drafted into military service in 1942. After his discharge in 1945, he rejoined Monroe's band, along with his wife, an accordion player who was also hired, before joining Acuff's band in 1951. He played for decades for Acuff on the Grand Ole Opry.

Howdy Forrester

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - Howdy Forrester [Maloy/Devil's Box].

Printed sources : - Stephen F. Davis (The Devil's Box), vol. 19, No. 2, Summer, 1985; pp. 25-26. Phillips (Traditional American Fiddle Tunes, vol. 2), 1995; pp. 280-281.

Recorded sources : - United Artists UAS 6295, Howdy Forrester - "Fiddlin` Country Style" (1963).

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