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X: 1 T:Merle's Tune N:as played by Liz on Liz Carroll. Compare Paddy O'Brien's recording. Transcribed by Alan Ng D:Green Linnet GLCD 1092 R:reel C:Liz Carroll Z: id:ng-reels-21 transcribed by Alan Ng May 25, 1997 M:C| F: K:BDor BFBc dBFE|DCG,B, A,B,CE|FBBc defg|aefd cAdc| BFBc dBFE|DEFG AECE|DA,DF AECE|AECF DB,B,B,:| |:BcdB bBfB|dBfb fBBA|Bcde aAeA|cAea eA{cd}cA| BFBc dBFB|defg aece|dAfd cAec|EDCF DB,B,B,:|*

MERLE'S TUNE. AKA - "Liz Carroll's Reel." American, Reel. B Dorian. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. Composed in 1988 by Celtic-style fiddler Liz Carroll (Chicago) for her friend Pam Kuras ('Merle'). Paddy (Offaly) O'Brien recorded it soon after as "Liz Carrol's Reel" in the key of A Dorian, which fit the B/C box better, although the low F# note puts it out of range on the fiddle.

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Printed sources : - Frets Magazine, August 1988, p. 22.

Recorded sources : - Green Linnet GLCD 1092, "Liz Carroll" (1988).

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