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X:1 T:Michael's Mazurka M:3/4 L:1/8 C:Michael Ferrie R:Mazurka N:Michael Ferrie wrote this in 1996 in the last week of his life K:G D2|: G4 (3ABc | B4 (3AGF| E G2 B AG| Fd Dc DF| G3 A Bc| B d2 c BG| E c2 B AF| G4 D2 :|| G3 A _Bc | d3 c _BG| AF AF DF| GA (3_Bcd g2| DG GA _Bc| d3 c _BG| AF AF (3DEF| G4 {GA}GF| D G2 A _Bc| d3 c _BG| AF AF DF| GA (3_Bcd g2| DG GA _Bc| d3 c _BG| AF AF (3DEF| G4 (3def||: g6| d3 c cB| A2 a3 g| fd ^cd ef| g4 b2| g4 (3dcB| A2 a3 g| fd cB AF|G2 AB G2| A2 Bc A2| B2 cd B2| c2 dec2| d2 g2 (3efg|1 f3 g (3agf| g3 a {ga}gf| g4 (3def :||

MICHAEL'S MAZURKA. Shetland, Mazurka (3/4 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBCC’. Composed by fiddler Michael Ferrie (d. 1996), a member of the Shetland group Fiddler's Bid [1].

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Recorded sources: -Catriona MacDonald - "Bold." Fiddler's Bid - "Hamnataing" (1996).

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