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X: 1 T:Micho Russell's Reel [5] R:reel D:Arty McGlynn & Nollaig Casey: Lead the Knave Z:id:hn-reel-128 M:C| K:Dmix d2cA GEEG|(3ABA GE (3ABA D2|d2cA GEEG|(3ABA GE D4:| |:c3d egge|eaae egge|1 c3d egge|abge d2ed:|2 f2ed cAGB|Addc defe||

MICHO RUSSELL'S (REEL) [5]. AKA and see "Flurry Reel (The)," "Sporting Days of Easter (2)." Irish, Reel. D Mixolydian. Standard tuning (fiddle). "Micho Russell's" was the title used by Arty McGlynn on his album "Lead the Knave." Russell was Brendan Breathnach's source for the same melody in his CRÉ II, where it was printed under the title "The Sporting Days of Easter."

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