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MIDSUMMER NIGHT, THE. AKA - "Midsummer Nights." AKA and see "Vincent Broderick's (1)." Irish, Reel. A Dorian. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. Composed by flute player Vincent Broderick, a member of the Kincora Ceili Band from 1952-1957. "Midsummer Night" is often played in a set with two other Broderick compositions, "Tinker's Daughter (The)" and "Crock of Gold (The)."

Source for notated version:

Printed sources: Broderick (The Turoe Stone), n.d.; p. 6.

Recorded sources: Compass 7 4324 2, Devish - "Midsummer Night" (1999). Green Linnet GLCD 1200, Lunasa - "Otherworld" (1999). Philo 1051, Boys of the Lough - "Good Friends, Good Music" (1977).

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