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X:2 T: The Donegal Jig - Tune 1 C: Arthur Darley R: jig Z: 2006 John Chambers <> B: "Rinnci na h-\'Eireann" Elizabeth Burchenal, ed. G.Schirmer (1925) p. 126 M: 6/8 L: 1/8 K: G d/c/ \ |BAG DGA |Bcd dBG |cBc AFD |ABc cBA | BAG DGA |B/c/dB efg |dcB ABc |BGG G2 :| |: B \ |AFD DEF |GBc d2B |c/B/Ac B/A/GB |AGF FED | AFD DEF |GBd g2e |dcB ABc |BGG G2 :| |: d \ |g2d BGG |Bcd dBG |c2B AFD |cBA def | g2d efg |a/g/fe d2e |dcB ABc |BGG G2 :| |: A \ |D2A cBA |DEF GAB |D2A cBA |DEF G2A | D2A Bcd |efg age |dcB ABc |BGG G2 :|]

MILESTONE (JIG), THE. AKA and see "Donegal Jig (The)." Irish, Jig. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BB'CC'DD'EE'FF'GG'HH'. The title is miss-labeled "The Milestone" in Allan Feldman's book The Northern Fiddler (1979), according to Caoimhin Mac Aoidh, and is actually a composition of classically-trained Irish musician Arthur Darley, who played and collected traditional music in the early 20th century and who lived for a time in County Donegal. Mac Aoidh maintains the authors misheard their source, Donegal fiddler Danny O'Donnell, when he spoke to them about another of Darley's compositions, the reel "Four Mile Stone (The)." See note for "Annotation:Donegal Jig (The)" for more information, since that appears to be the correct title.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - fiddler Danny O'Donnell (County Donegal) [Feldman & O'Doherty].

Printed sources : - Feldman & O'Doherty (The Northern Fiddler), 1979; p. 184.

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