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X:1 T:Millbank Cottage C:William Dumbreck M:2/4 L:1/8 R:March Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:Amix a|cA/>B/ AA/>B/|c/<A/c/<e/ ag/>f/|e/>c/a/>f/ e/>f/e/>A/|cB Ba| cA/>B/ AA/>B/|c/<A/c/<e/ ag/>f/|e/<a/e/>c/ B/<f/e/>B/|cA A:| |:g|ag/>f/ ea|A/>B/c/<A/ ag/>f/|e/>c/a/>f/ e/>f/e/>A/|1 cB Bg| ag/>f/ ea|A/>B/c/<A/ ag/>f/|e/<a/e/>c/ B/<f/e/>B/|cA A:| |2 cB Ba|cA/>B/ AA/>B/|c/<A/c/<e/ ag/>f/|e/<a/e/>c/ B/<f/e/>B/|cA A|| |:a|Ac/<A/ e/>A/c/<A/|A/>B/c/<A/ a/>g/f/<a/|Ac/<A/ e/>f/e/>A/|cB Ba| Ac/<A/ e/>A/c/>A/|A/>B/c/<A/ aa/>f/|e/<a/e/>c/ B/<f/e/>B/|cA A:| |:g|aa/>e/ a/>g/f/<a/|A/>B/c/<A/ aa/>f/|e/>c/a/>f/ e/>f/e/>A/|1cB Bg| aa/>e/ a/>g/f/<a/|A/>B/c/<A/ aa/>f/|e/<a/e/>c/ B/<f/e/>B/|cA A:| |2 cB Ba|A/>c/<A/ e/>A/c/<A/|A/>B/c/<A/ aa/>f/|e/<a/e/>c/ B/<f//e/>B/|cA A||

Millbank Cottage
MILLBANK COTTAGE. Scottish, March (2/4 time). A Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBCCDD (Brody): AABB'CCDD' (Martin). "Millbank Cottage" is the best known composition of Pipe Major William Dumbreck (1866–1935) from Linlithgow (although often listed as "traditional"). Dumbreck, according to his obituary, was "pipe-major of the 1st Black Watch, to which, when he was appointed, was the youngest pipe-major in the British Army." The melody was composed in 1887 and was dedicated to his sister who had moved into a newly constructed house, 'Millbank Cottage', on Station Road in the town of Uphall, Midlothian[1].

The march is favored at pipe competitions and was played at Dumbreck's funeral.
Pipe Major William Dumbreck

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Hear the march played by Pipe Major John MacDonald at Tobar an Dualchais [1] [2] (followed by "Pipe Major John Stewart").

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  1. The cottage still stands, a tidy dwelling with the date "1887" above the lintel of the front door [3]