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X:178 T:Milton Hornpipe [1]. Le4.178 Q:1/4=100 L:1/8 B:L.Leadley MS#4 c1850 Z:vmp.Mike Hicken 2016 N:Tune 35 in "The Fiddler of Helperby" N: * In Helperby these three notes are shown as triplet quavers. N: ** In the original this note is shown as a quaver but it has been dotted to match the preceeding semi-quaver. M:C| K:G "*"D/F/F/|G2 GA GBdB|AGAB c2 Bd|gfgd ecAF|GBcB GFED| G2 GA GBdB|AGAB c2 Bd|gfgd ecAF|G<"**"G G2G2 :| |: d2|dedc Bd g2|e>fed ^ce a2|gfgd ecAF|GBdB GFED| dedc Bd g2|efed ^ce a2|gfgd ecAF|G<"**"G G2G2 :|

MILTON HORNPIPE [1]. AKA and see "Portsmouth Hornpipe," "Prince Regent's Hornpipe," "Snowflake Hornpipe." English, Hornpipe (4/4 time). England, Yorkshire. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. Milton is a place-name, a part of Hoyland near Barnsley, south Yorkshire.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - an MS collection by fiddler Lawrence Leadley, 1827-1897 (Helperby, Yorkshire) [Merryweather & Seattle].

Printed sources : - Merryweather & Seattle (The Fiddler of Helperby) 1994; No. 35, p. 37.

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