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MINNI FAN HER POT KOLLED IDA MORNING. Shetland, Strathspey. Composed by fiddler John Gaudie in the 18th century. Gaudie was reputedly the best fiddler in the islands of his time, though unfortunately was rendered increasingly mad by a blow to his head in a mining accident. He was given to violent outbursts, and the title of his composition was taken from his amusement at one such incident. It seems he was on his way to another town to view a prized fiddle when he was distracted by the smells of a dinner being prepared outside a house near the road he traveled. Sneaking up and letting out a bellow which thoroughly distraught the cook, Johnnie helped himself to the abandoned supper, then threw the cook's stool up on the side of a corn stack as he left.

When he looked back and saw the three-legged pot leaning drunkenly on the top of the 'screw', the picture silhouetted against the western sky, it seemed so funny to Johnnie that in his opinion it merited a composition, and when he got home he composed a lively strathspey... (G.M. Nelson)

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