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MINNIE MOORE. AKA and see "Village Quickstep (The)," "Pennsylvania Quickstep (1) (The)," "Bartlett's Two-Step." American, March (2/4 time, although it could be written in 6/8). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABB. A note in Matteson's fife volume says the tune was composed by Dr. John C. Bartlett in 1843, and that it was popular during the Civil War era. Bayard (1981) states it was still a popular march with southwestern Pa. martial bands. See Annotation:Village Quickstep (The) for more.

No one knows to whom or what the origin is of the "Minnie Moore" title for the march, however, one of the fabled mines of Idaho’s Wood River Valley was the Minnie Moore lead and silver mine near Bellevue. Discovered in 1880, when galena was found in dirt dug out of a badger hole, the Minnie Moore quickly became one of the most productive silver mines in Idaho. There was also a steamship, and numerous people named Minnnie Moore, as well as a few songs by that title.

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Printed sources: Ford (Traditional Music in America), 1940; p. 42.

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