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X:1 T:Lord Stanley's Minuet T:Minuet for Lord Stanley C:Thomas Alexander Erskine, Lord Kellie (1732-1781) M:3/4 L:1/8 R:Minuet K:Eb e4 ge|B4 eB|G4 TF2|E4 (EA)|(AG) G2 (Fc)|(cB) B2 z-z/4 (3B/4c/4d/4| eB eB GE|[E2B2]-[D4B4]::[df]d dd (fg=a)|[Bb]-[Be][Be][Be][=Ad][Ac]| [Gg]-[Gc] [Gc][Gc][GB][GB]|[D2B2]-[C2=A2]zB|(Be) (ed) (dc)|(Bg) (gf) (fb)|(3gfe d2 c2|B6| e4 ge|B4 eB|G4 TF2|E4 (EA)|(AG) G2 (Fc)|(cB) B2 (EA)|(AG) G2 (Fc)| (cB) B2 (eB)|(3cBA G2TF2|E4 (B/A/G/F/)|.E2.G2.B2|E4 (B/A/G/F/)|.E2.G2.B2|E6:|]

MINUET FOR LORD STANLEY. AKA and see "Mrs. Cuming's Minuet." Scottish, Minuet (3/4 time). E Flat Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The tune is attributed to Biography:Thomas Alexander Erskine, Viscount Fenton, Sixth Earl of Kelly/Kellie, born at Kellie Castle in the East Neuk of Fife in 1732 and familiarly known as "Fiddler Tam". Erskine was one of the preeminent composers in Scotland in his era, rivaled only by foreign composers in residence in the country. Purser (Scotland's Music, 1992) says: "This is an extremely lively piece, suitable for a twenty-two year old aristocrat given to horse-racing and cock-fighting and, like Kelly, fond of his pleasures." The piece was performed at the Fetè Champêtre in 1774, held to celebrate the approaching nuptials of Edward Smith Stanley (the future 12th Earl of Derby) and Lady Elizabeth (Betty) Hamilton, daughter of the 6th Duke of Hamilton and the subsequent Duchess of Argyll. However Kelly did not newly compose the tune, instead recycling one of his earlier compositions, "Mrs. Cuming's Minuet," renaming it for the occasion.

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