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MISS ALSTON STEWART OF URRAD'S REEL. Scottish, Reel (cut time). A Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB. Urrad was an estate in Perthshire, Scotland, in the gorge of Killiecrankie, the site of a Highland battle in 1689 that resulted in a rout of the Lowland army and the death of the Highland commander. A rude stone at Urrad House marked the spot where Dundee received his death-wound. It was in the possession of Major James Alston Stewart at the time McKercher published his c. 1830 volume. The Major (whose name was originally Major James Alston, of the 63rd Regiment) married Miss Charlotte Stewart, the youngest daughter of James Stewart, Esq. of Urrad, in 1803 and added Stewart to his name. Their children were Susan (c. 1892), who married Sir William Hanmer Dick-Cunyngham (1808-1871); Elizabeth (d. 1874), who married in 1826 to James Bouverie of Delapre Abbey, a major in the 17th Foot; Janet, who married Admiral Clark; Anne-Balcarres, who married Sir Robert Menzies, Bart; William, who married Miss Bishop; and Carlotte and Christina, of Killiecrankie Cottage, Perthshire. There may have been more (records are spotty). A 'Miss Alston Stewart' lived in Killiecrankie Cottage, on the south bank of the river overhanging the Soldier's Leap.

See also McKercher's "Miss Charlotte Alston Stewart's."

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Printed sources: Duncan McKercher (A Collection of Original Stathspeys and Reels), Edinburgh, c. 1830; p. 6.

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