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X:1 T:Miss Ann Amelia Stewart's Strathspey M:C L:1/16 R:Strathspey B:Petrie – Second Collection of Strathspey Reels &c. (1796, p. 5) N:”Humbly dedicated to Mrs. Garden of Troup by Robert N:Petrie at Kirkmichael.” F: Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:F f2|F3GAF3 cF3A3f|(agfe f2)F2 A2G2G2A2|F3GA2F2 c2F2A2f2|(agfe f2)d2 c2A2A2:| c2|f3gf2c2 ca3gc3|d3f dcBA B2(G2G2c2)|fefg agfe fc3d3f|c(f3f3d) c(a3a3g)| fa3df3 cf3Af3|(agfe f2)F2 AG3G3A|F3GA2c d3ef3g|(agfe f)d3 c2A2A2||

MISS ANN AMELIA STEWART'S STRATHSPEY. AKA - "Miss Ann Amelia Stuart's Strathspey." Scottish, Strathspey (whole time). F Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. "Miss Ann Amelia Stewart's Strathspey" was composed by Perthshire fiddler-composer biography:Robert Petrie, published in his Second Collection of 1796. It was also printed in Edinburgh by music publisher Neil Stewart on a single sheet around the year 1800, with the lead tune being "South Fencibles March (The)," and without crediting Petrie with the composition.

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Printed sources : - Robert Petrie (Second Collection of Strathspey Reels &c.) 1796; p. 5.

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