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MISS CATHERINE MAXWELL'S MINUET. Scottish, Minuet. biography:Thomas Alexander Erskine, Sixth Earl of Kelly [1], a gentleman fiddler and composer, wrote this minuet in the 1760's. Catherine and Jane Maxwell were the only two daughters of Sir William Maxwell, bart., of Monreith; Jame became the Duchess of Gordon, and Catherine married John Fordyce, esq., of Ayton. Biography:Robert Mackintosh wrote a strathspey for her, published in 1792 (see "Mrs. Fordyce of Ayton's Strathspey"). See also Abraham Mackintosh's "Miss Catherine Maxwell's Scots Measure" and his father's (Robert Mackintosh) "Mrs. Fordyce of Ayton's Strathspey." See Annotation:Mrs. Fordyce of Ayton's Strathspey for more on Catherine Maxwell.

Thomas Erskine (1732-1781) , 6th Earl of Kelly

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