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X:1 T:Miss Dundas's Reel M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel B: Daniel Dow – Twenty Minuets and Sixteen Reels or Country Dances (c. 1775, p. 34) B: Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:Gdor d|G/G/G (dc) (d2 d)g|f(dTc>A) FGAF|G/G/G (BG) B (d2f)|AFcA G3:| f|g(aTg>f d)fga|f(dTc>A F)cAf|g(aTg>f d)fag|f(dTc>A G3)f| g(aTg>f) d)fga|(f/d/c) (d/c/A) cdfa|gafg dfcf|AFcA G3||

MISS DUNDAS('S REEL). AKA and see "Lady Mary Hay," "Miss Dundas's Reel," "Sir Ronald McDonald's Reel." Scottish, Reel or Strathspey (cut time). G Minor. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB. John Glen (1891) finds the earliest appearance of this tune in print in Biography:Daniel Dow's (1732-83) A Collection of Ancient Scots Music for the Violin, Harpsichord, or German Flute never before printed (Edinburgh, c. 1775, p. 14). Dow also printed the same tune around the same time in his Twenty Minuets and Sixteen Reels or Country Dances (p. 34). However, Fr. John Quinn has found concordances with the Gows' "Sir Ronald McDonald's Reel," Daniel Dow's "Miss Dundas's Reel," and the earliest version (notwithstanding Glen's finding), Robert Bremner's "Lady Mary Hay," printed in 1769.

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Printed sources : - Daniel Dow (Twenty Minuets and Sixteen Reels or Country Dances), c. 1775; p. 34. Glen (The Glen Collection of Scottish Dance Music, vol. 1), 1891; p. 18.

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